Hello world!

We're MindLabs. 👋

Hello! We're MindLabs. Let us introduce ourselves...

Who are we?

We're a team of entrepreneurs, creatives and neuroscientists, committed to making the world a happier place.

Our founders are Adnan and Gabor. If you know much about cars, you might recognise their faces from Car Throttle: the global online car community, founded by Adnan, and later joined by Gabor as Head of Marketing and COO.

Adnan and Gabor founders of MindLabs

Working at a fast-paced, rapidly expanding startup, they saw first-hand the mental health challenges faced by their young team, and the lack of support available to them. When they sold the business in 2019, they saw a need for a mobile-first, video-led mental health solution with community at its heart. And so MindLabs was born.

Meet the rest of the team.

What do we do?

At MindLabs, we're building the world's first live mental health platform.

Our app features hundreds of live and on-demand video classes, helping you build mental resilience and overcome stress, anxiety and low mood.

We know that positive impact requires habit change, so we help you build mindfulness into your routine with Mindful Minutes, your own mindfulness metric that enables you to set targets and track your progress.

Our instructors are world-class mindfulness practitioners, ranging from global breathwork expert Richie Bostock, clinical psychologists Dr. Erica McInnis and of course our own Head of Mindfulness, neuroscientist Anne-Sophie Flury.

What makes us different?

Live classes 🔴 

In addition to our wealth of on-demand content, we film two live videos each day, streamed directly from our West London studio to your iPhone.

Led by Isik, Jamie, Puravi and Anne-Sophie, live classes range from our morning BrainBoost or lunch-time Reset to more in-depth sessions like Deep Meditation or Imagine.

You can make sure you don't miss a live class by scheduling them in your calendar, or watching them for up to two weeks later on Replay.

MindLabs app in the studio

Video-first 🎥 

We've created a video-first app for a video-first world.

From the get go, we invested in high quality video content, shot by our very talented (and fast-growing) production team.

We think the relationship you build with your instructor is fundamental to your experience of a mindfulness class, which is why all our classes are video-first. If video's not your thing, we've also given you the option of listening to classes as audio tracks.

You'll also see lots of great video content on social.

A fresh take on mental health 🧠 

The mental health space needs disrupting. For far too long, we've been ashamed to speak openly about our minds. We mislabelled vulnerability as weakness, and associated practices like mindfulness with niche groups on the fringes of society, outside of social norms and at odds with scientific vigour.

It's time for us to reclaim mental wellness, and to bring practices like mindfulness and meditation into the mainstream. There's now a wealth of research demonstrating the potential of meditation and mindfulness in forging new neural pathways and providing a solid foundation for good mental health. We want to empower everyone with the tools to take better care of their minds.

With our bold lighting, our energetic branding and scientific approach, we're creating a mental health solution that feels fresh and new. We want to help you build mindfulness into your daily routine, and to see you speak loudly and proudly about the steps you're taking to take care of your mind.

At MindLabs, we don't just help you overcome stress, anxiety and low mood (although this is an important part of what we do). We also help you build mental fitness. Just as you might lift weights in the gym, we help you strengthen the neural pathways that lead to better concentration and focus, improved presence and self-awareness, and more positive thinking patterns.

What does the future look like for MindLabs?

We have big ambitions at MindLabs.

We don't think the current offering of mental health solutions are good enough, and believe that social attitudes to mental health need to change.

  • We're determined to de-stigmatise the mental health space, which still faces a great deal of misplaced shame and misunderstanding.
  • We want to empower people to take care of their mental health, and to approach their minds with the same care, discipline and drive that they bring to their physical health.
  • We want to educate people about neuroplasticity, and empower them with the tools to overcome stress and anxiety and build resilience so that when life gets tough, they can bounce back stronger.

Fundamentally, we want to create a world where looking after your mind is as normal as going to the gym.

MindLabs is now available to download on the app store.



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