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    94 people in class

    Instant mood lift using positive action

    • Low Energy
    Instant mood lift using positive action
  • Live in 12:03
    12 people waiting

    Combat stress with the physiological sigh

    • Stress
    Combat stress with the physiological sigh
  • Live in 27:42
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    Your daily check-in

    • Mindfulness
    Your daily check-in
  • Live in 42:45
    13 people in class

    Strengthening Relationships with Gratitude

    • Relationships
    Strengthening Relationships with Gratitude

Learn from the experts

Level up your mind with our world-class team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and breathwork and mindfulness experts.

  • Anne-Sophie Fluri

    Anne-Sophie Fluri


  • Jamie Clements

    Jamie Clements


  • Lucy Sesto

    Lucy Sesto

    Movement Meditation

  • Isik Tlabar

    Isik Tlabar

    Coaching & Breathwork

  • Angie Tiwari

    Angie Tiwari

    Breathwork & Mindfulness

  • Jo Kaye

    Jo Kaye


  • Michael Adu

    Michael Adu


  • Luke Doherty

    Luke Doherty

    Cognitive Therapy

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I'm falling asleep a lot quicker since using MindLabs! It's the perfect way to relax and de-stress after a busy day at work. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to invest in their mental wellbeing.
MindLabs beta tester
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MindLabs offers easy, non-intimidating ways to practice mindfulness. I look forward to my daily practice knowing I can choose between these types of offerings and experience positive mental health in as little as 5-minutes.
MindLabs beta tester

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