Improve your sleep in 30 days

Learn tools for a deeper sleep.

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Tired of being tired? 😴

Introducing our most comprehensive series yet: the 30-day sleep series.


What is it?

A collection of 30 classes, designed to be taken every night for a month - just before you go to sleep. Using a combination of mindfulness and breathwork techniques, the sleep series will equip you with a broad range of tools to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

Who are the instructors?

The series is led by our in-house breathwork expert Jamie Clements. Get to know Jamie. There are also two very special guest appearances from MindLabs instructors Anne-Sophie Fluri and Isik Tlabar.

Jamie Clements breathwork instructor

How is the series structured?

The series is split into four weeks. The first week will introduce you to core concepts around breathwork, mindfulness and visualisation. Each following week will offer a deep dive into each of these topics, exploring specific exercises and tools to facilitate better sleep.

In breathwork week, you’ll learn techniques like 4-7-8 breathing, cadence breathing and LSD breathing (not what you think).

In mindfulness week, you’ll be taken through a a range of mindfulness techniques to help you sleep, including full body relaxation, breath awareness and body scanning.

In visualisation week, you’ll be invited to go inwards and use your imagination as a sleep tool, with sleep stories and visualisations.

How will the series help me?

The series is designed to help you build healthy habits around sleep, and teach you tools and techniques to combat insomnia and broken sleep.

Building habits requires consistent daily action - and MindLabs series are designed to help you do just that. By practising every day for thirty days, you’re more likely to see tangible improvements in your sleep, and to develop techniques that you can integrate into your nightly routine.

As with all our series, this 30-day sleep series was designed with neuroplasticity in mind. The more you practise, the more you will prime your body and mind for calm and relaxation.

Series card-min

What’s the science?

Often when we can’t sleep, we’re in a state of ‘hyper-arousal’. Tools like breathwork, mindfulness and visualisation all work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which decreases hyper-arousal and helps the body and mind calm down.

Several studies have demonstrated the powerful effects of breathwork on sleep, particularly when administered for a whole month.

In one study, for example, a group of participants were asked to perform slow-paced breathing for fifteen minutes each evening over a period of 30 days. They were compared to a control group who spent the same time scrolling on social media. The slow-paced breathing group experienced better subjective sleep quality, and an increased overnight CVA (cardiac vagal activity, measured via high-frequency heart rate variability) - basically, they had a much better night’s sleep. Other studies have found similar results.

MindLabs sleep series

Don’t just take our word for it...

We asked eight MindLabs users to try out the series before it launched. This is what they said...

Want to try before you buy?

MindLabs offers a free 14-day trial - so you can try out the entire first half of the series before committing to a subscription.

After your trial is up, MindLabs costs £47.99 a year - which is less than £1 a week. That’s cheaper than a Netflix subscription, cheaper than a weekly coffee or pint - and much better for your mental health 😇



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