MindLabs is live!

Here's everything you need to know.


It's official. We're live! 🎉

Here's everything you need to know...

Where can I find the app?

Head to the App Store and search 'MindLabs'. Or click this link:


Who can access the app?

Initially, the app will be available to all iOS users in the UK and Europe. International/Android expansion is something we’re super excited for - but we’re not there quite yet.

How much does MindLabs cost?

We’re offering two price packages:

If you like a bit of flexibility in your life, you can pay monthly for £7.99 a month. Or for half price you can get an annual membership for £47.99 a year.

But before committing to either of these, you can try MindLabs for free for up to 14 days with a free trial. And you can cancel anytime - so nothing to lose really 🤷‍♀️

What’s waiting for me on the MindLabs app?

Hundreds of classes designed to help you sleep better, stress less and feel happier. Classes are led by expert instructors with really varied backgrounds: we have breathwork and mindfulness experts, doctors, clinical psychologists and more. Their classes cover everything from sleep, anxiety, mood, sex, phobias - you name it, we probably have a class for it.

You can watch live (we film at least two classes a day, streamed directly from our West London studio to your iPhone) or on demand. And you can schedule classes into your week by setting reminders or syncing them with your calendar.

MindLabs app in the studio

We think the app is pretty great. But we’re a little biased. So here’s Sam, one of our early beta testers, sharing his experience of using the app...


Want to try it for yourself? Head to the App Store to download MindLabs and start your free trial. 


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